Andy Cowles

Cowles Media is led by Andy Cowles – an accomplished creative director, design leader and content authority. Andy’s leadership roles include Editorial Development Director of Time Inc. UK, Creative Director of Mademoiselle for Condé Nast and Creative Director of Rolling Stone in NYC. He curates the PPA Festival, is a Guardian Masterclass trainer and speaks regularly at international industry events. Andy has won multiple editorial and design awards, including the UK’s most prestigious, the BSME Mark Boxer award. 

As a practice, Cowles Media design purposefully and fix things. We balance business precision with emotional intelligence, delivering measurable impact without compromising brand authority. Here are our three principles.


1. Audience first 
Helping customers feel understood underpins everything we do. We empathise with your audience and their needs as this is the best way to build trust. And only trust leads to loyalty.  


2. Business goals
Asking the right questions makes sure successful outcomes are identified at the outset. We focus on creating competitive advantage, so that when we present creative choices, we know every route will deliver.


3. Fixed costs
We offer world-class design leadership without the overhead. Costs are fully itemised, completely transparent and fixed to the project in hand. We charge on the value of the work, never by the hour. Here are some examples of our services:



Annual reports

App development

Art direction

Branded content

Brand development

Brand identity

Data dashboards

Design training

Fashion and beauty

High impact marketing assets

Newsstand front covers

Original logo design

Restoring famous magazines

Short films

Successful launches

Team workshops

Web design and development

Winning pitches