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Three ways to stop your content going down the toilet

Crap. That’s the word that begins content marketing agency Velocity’s slideshare, now downloaded over half a million times. Their argument is that so much content is now being produced by marketers, social media agencies, production companies and PR’s that it’s inevitable we’re all going to drown in a flood of content that’s just plain rubbish. (Brilliantly skewered by […]

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Why we’re spiritual New Yorkers at heart

Well, sort of… If you haven’t already guessed, this is my favourite magazine. Which seems more than appropriate since I’m currently consulting in New York City. You’ll find a shorter version of this post in the new book My Favo(u)rite Magazine, along with 88 other fantastic titles. It’s a brilliant project for a truly worthy […]

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How Rolling Stone ended up glamourising a murderer

As an ex Art Director of Rolling Stone, I’ve been reading a lot about this week’s cover, which has created a shit-storm of accusations that they are glamourising an alleged killer. The Guardian report that certain retailers will not stock it. Jezebel has a good round-up with lots of supporting visuals. The Huffington Post says […]

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mark denton at IPC

Meet the man behind the worst covers of all time

Creative Director and Advertising Legend Mark Denton came into IPC media last week, and gave a genuinely inspiring talk about his work to a totally packed house. Mark has won an astonishing number of advertising and design awards across the spectrum. Press ads, posters, sculptures(!), books and logos, along with a solid stream of self promotional material. […]

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What Vanity Fair might look like if it were weekly

America’s movie industry takes stock after the Aurora shooting, with this deeply moving cover from The Hollywood Reporter. It may be weekly, but this cover delivers a feeling of quality and purpose that would dignify any world class monthly. Editorial Director Janice Min knows more than most about how to connect with an audience, as she was […]

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