office workerToday, Ben Kay’s blog linked to this long, but moving account of creativity in the advertising agency workplace. Here’s an extract:

“We need six concepts to show the client first thing in the morning, he’s going on holiday. Don’t waste too much time on them though, it’s only meeting-fodder. He’s only paying for one so they don’t all have to be good, just knock something up. You know the drill. Oh, and one more thing. His favourite color is green. Rightho! See you in the morning then… I’m off to the Groucho Club.”

It’s a very personal account, and doesn’t reflect my own experience here in the publishing industry. But that said, there moments where I do recognise myself… Good comments on Ben’s blog too, notably from Mark Denton.

(Picture courtesy of Lifehacker, who themselves have some pretty solid tips on how to get out of the office on time)