It’s all about data.

This is what, the new ‘Digital glossy’ from Shortlist Media looks like. The Guardian tells us that: ‘The free title will compete with market leaders Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire in the busy women’s glossy market when it launches in May’. The site is trumpeted as being a responsive design, which frankly, all sites, including this one, should now be. Shortlist Media know a thing or two about launching new media brands, and this is no exception.

This screen grab doesn’t do any sort of justice to the design, as there is a natty animated gif on the site, along with the very clever touch of the ‘send’ button only appearing when you’ve started to type in your address.

The typography is just brilliant. I assume Matt Phare is behind it, he’s Shortlist Media’s Creative Director, and has been responsible for the look and feel of all their launches thus far. It’s sharp, it’s fashion and it’s wildly over the top without being ridiculous. And, when you type in the type in the box, your name comes up in the same groovy font.

So what happens next? Well, go and have look, and you’ll see what I mean…