Data visualisation for data scientists


Andy Pemberton is the director of furthr, the UK’s leading data visualisation agency, working with clients such as Aviva, Santander, Cisco and the UN.

Business case

For those working with data, the demand for visualisation skills in the last five years has grown by a startling 2574%* Everyone now needs to bring their data to life.


This course is suitable for anyone who has to visualise data as part of their job. For Data Scientists, we run an advanced programme.

Course outline

We will show you how to turn raw data into visualisations that are impactful, simple and persuasive. We will also provide you with a set of tools to help you understand your audience, your message and your data, as well as demonstrating which charts work best, how to prep data for visualisation and what data visualisation success looks like. There are seven key modules.

  1. Killer case Studies
  2. The true role of Emotion
  3. How to get shared
  4. Production methodologies
  5. Interactivity
  6. Software & Tools
  7. Working with your own data
Course benefits

Through a series of discussions and interactive exercises, we’ll help you develop new capabilities and a better approach to data visualisation.

Show, don't tell

The psychology behind visual content – how audiences consume data by ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’.


What we mean by ‘the sweet spot’; what are you telling me, why are you telling me now and why this way.


Why ‘business as usual’ or ‘man does job’ are not infographic titles. We work with timeliness, relevance, exclusivity and what it means to you.

Do's and don'ts

The benefit of a reduced colour palette, less words – more viewers, knowing when to stop. ‘Everyone needs an editor’.

Insider tips

‘Dividing thirds’, the hero stat and why the five-act play is the perfect structure for your infographic.

Previous clients

The Home Office, Guardian Masterclasses, Econsultancy


According to Burning Glass Technologies, a Boston-based start-up.