Logo design for start-ups, media brands and large multinationals

Business need

A logo is the most impactful expression of your entire brand. If works, it will allow your audience to instantly grasp your values and your competitive advantage. If it doesn’t, it will cost your business dearly.

Tough choices

Logos can now be designed by algorithm, for free. Failing that, plenty of folk in SE Asia will knock you one out for seven bucks. Yet Wolff Olins and others still charge hundreds of thousands for a fully integrated brand identity. The final result may end up look like the simplest thing in the world, but that’s often the point.

A systematic approach

Logos are more than just a single expression of identity, they are the key component of a much larger messaging system, needing to work on all platforms and in all contexts, aligning with all other aspects of the brand.

Managing risk

Our seamless and highly iterative testing process allow us to establish the correct benchmarks against which the work will be judged. That reduces personal preference bias and makes the final result all about the audience and how they value your business.

Original designs

The logos shown below are all original Cowles Media designs. Although designed in full colour, they are shown here in black and white to demonstrate their impact in small sizes and surrounded by many distractions.

Logo leadership

Sometimes the brand mark just needs to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances. Cowles Media are expert at working with what you’ve got, creating a feeling that things have changed, but for the better. Examples include TV times, the Homebuilding & Renovating Show and Vendigital.

Launch logo for the UK’s biggest selling music magazine
Logo for a new political party – the Bath and North East Somerset Independent Group
Brand new logo for the world’s longest established equestrian brand
Brand new logo for the UK’s favourite real life title
Brand new logo for the UK’s biggest selling homes title
Launch logo for the UK’s legendary Q magazine
Original launch logo for the world’s best film title
Brand new logo for an new civil engineering company
Launch logo for Cisco’s new EMEAR data dashboard
Original logo for Just Seventeen magazine
Demonstrating the new Horse & Hound logo
A new identity system for the UK’s biggest puzzle brand