Increasing Time magazine subscription revenues

Business goal

This unpublished material was created in response to the need to increase subscription revenue on Time magazine. Designed to be tested in focus groups, this stimulus took the best UK editorial design practice and applied it to a wide range of news, features and franchise material.

Creative brief

Time subscribers were complaining that the magazine was hard to read. The text size was too small, the headlines oblique and visual storytelling largely absent. This new stimulus material was designed to increase reader engagement, to draw subscribers deeper into the stories and increase the amount they read in any given issue.


Over seventy different pieces of stimulus were written and designed over a three week period. The content was chosen to empathise with Time readers’ immediate concerns alongside longer-term ideas about their American sense of identity. The typography was straightforward, relying on Proxima Nova and Georgia to give a modern, authoritative feel. The text was heavily formatted, breaking stories into easy-to-read chunks. Blue was added to the black and red palette, making the pages bright, fresh and impactful.