Making a mint out of puzzles


Puzzler Media


Develop the brand identity, logos and cover designs for The Puzzler and Puzzler Collection, the UK’s two biggest selling puzzle titles by far.


The UK Puzzle market is worth £43m a year; Puzzler Media are the largest player with 40% market share. I was commissioned to develop branding for The Puzzler and Puzzler Collection that could then be extended across the whole print and digital portfolio.

The new logos were developed closely with both the Puzzler team and research partners Gilmour Graham. They retain all the feeling of the original brand marks, so market leadership was not risked. But by blending a little post modern 70’s kitsch with contemporary newsstand best practice, the new covers looked less dated as well as delivering a much stronger newsstand punch.


Puzzler Media Marketing Director Lynda Newland said: ‘Andy fixed all our logo development problems and many more. He gave us lots of options and listened to everything we said. He ‘got us’ as a business instantly, so the process was short, to the point and on budget.’

Making a mint out of puzzles
New logo and design, with previous look and feel below
Making a mint out of puzzles