A content strategy to make Haig Club worth sharing


PMK BNC for Haig Club


Re-invent the content strategy for David Beckham’s Haig Club whisky.


Without David Beckham, Haig Club has no credibility as a ‘proper’ Scotch whisky. In an attempt to differentiate, it is presented more like aftershave, expensive and in a square bottle.


The audience for Haig Club are not traditional whisky drinkers. They are looking for something that will perhaps make them interesting, but more than anything, they need reassurance that this is going to be an OK choice.


David Beckham is a genuine man for all seasons, so here was an opportunity to take that respect and turn it into solid, sharable service under the hashtag ‘Get it right’. The content was all simple, easy-to-grasp hints, tips and ideas – creating a narrative that’s worldly, confident and social. To avoid it all feeling too ‘salesy’, the Haig Club name was replaced by ‘Get it Right’, and the bottle itself became the brand logo.


A solid stream of upscale, yet approachable social content ideas. All answering the most important question ‘What would David do?’