Writing for business: how to create copy that has a real impact


Andy Pemberton is highly experienced writer, with a wealth of international business experience. He is currently a columnist for Campaign and Marketing Week; he has written for the New York Times, GQ, Esquire and The Sunday Times.

Business case

A no-brainer. Everyone needs to be able to write convincingly and well. Good writing the best tool for communicating at the most senior levels with effectiveness and credibility.


This course is suitable for anyone who has to create effective business copy as part of their job.

Course outline

The course is split into three main sections: planning, writing and collaboration. You’ll receive a pre-course online assessment, allowing you to set your personal objectives and will have the option to write a style guide for your organisation on the final day.

You’ll learn how to plan your content, as well as receive insights on how emotions guide behaviour, how communication works, how to understand your brand and identify a tone of voice, and the importance of headlines, structure and style.

Course benefit

How to write with simplicity, clarity and an active voice, and develop a tone and style for your business writing that you can share with your entire organisation.


How to communicate what you want clearly in the subject line or the title and the first two sentences of everything you write.


How to use well-organised, active sentences to explain what is happening, what ought to happen and what people need to do.


How clear leadership expressed in writing creates alignment and boosts productivity.


Your writing influences how you are perceived in the business world. We explore of how strong writers embody confidence, authority and authenticity.

Conflict resolution

How to handle difficult situations with well-written communications.

Style guides

How to develop a brand bible – a style and tone of voice guide for your organisation.

Previous clients

Barclays Bank, Guardian Masterclasses, Econsultancy