1. Brand identity
A fully integrated approach, aligning brand vision, mission and purpose with all aspects of a multi-platform presentation.
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2. Logo design

A core discipline. We have an international reputation for original logo design and the skilful improvement of existing brand marks.
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3. Content strategy
Working in the toughest of markets – paid content, has shown us how to create stories that deliver impact, engagement and sharing.
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4. Web design
Together with our development partner, Agency,Mai?, we make highly effective websites that look good, work well and deliver clearly defined business outcomes.
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5. Publication design
Our vast experience in both newsstand and subscription business models has shown us how to package your content and brand to achieve maximum impact.
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6. Conference video
An innovative new service, that takes raw conference footage and turns it into a compelling, high impact asset.
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7. Bespoke training
Developing our own training courses has helped our clients, but unlike other training companies, we test them in the real world, constantly updating and improving them. 
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