How to get instant impact across all your platforms



Just three seconds.


That’s how long you’ve got to make an impression. Get it right and your audience will be engaged by everything that follows.


This unique workshop shows how social thumbnails, front covers, landing pages and opening slides can tell your entire brand story – instantly.


“That was really useful. Thank you so much, the team were thrilled and clearly learnt a great deal” – Anthony Thornton, Content Director of Ten Lifestyle Group


“Andy seems like a very decent human being, I liked him a lot” – Akira, writer



The workshop is highly interactive. There are individual and breakout room exercises, plenty of group debate, and lots of Q&A. You can invite as many editors, writers, and designers as you like. 



 Winners and Losers
A deep dive into the work of your competitors


 Positioning Secrets
How to flatten the competition


 Making it move
When video and motion graphics work, and when they don’t


 Getting it liked
How to write lines that deliver impact, service, and value


 The law on logos
How to get the best out of yours


 Colour impact
And why yellow needs to be handled like Nitro Glycerine


 Stock images
How to pick winners for less than a tenner


 Feelings, not thoughts
Because that’s where decisions are made


 Success in action
A step-by-step walkthrough of a winning case study



Above photo: Andy Cowles keynote at the 2018 PPA Festival



Should you choose, this Visual Storytelling session can be extended, either to a full day, or by adding a second half-day session.


Each delegate chooses pieces they would like to talk about, everyone can share their screen, and together we work through the issues.


This consultancy/training hybrid is a unique process. You’ll make real strides in the shortest possible space of time, and your team will totally own the outcomes.