Month: August 2012

Which of these women is reading ‘Erotic Fiction’?

Exactly. Digital media may well be our life now, but the fact remains that a printed cover says more about you in the real world, than a social network ever can. . Fifty Shades of Grey may well be a huge print book phenomena, but it didn’t start that way. At first, it was ebook […]

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Is that a camera phone in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

So the Sun newspaper has decided to publish the Prince Harry pictures in defiance of the PCC. No matter that everyone in the UK can see them at TMZ and a million other online destinations, newspapers still have to operate under very different obligations.┬áThis is clearly unsustainable, which is why I am pleased that the […]

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Which book cover caught your eye first?

As you can see, I’ve just come back from holiday. And for the first time, I took a Kindle. (Although I did panic at the airport and bought a couple of paper books, ‘just in case’) The differences between ebooks and paper books are pretty self evident, David Hepworth’s views on the matter are well […]

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oprah magazine transformation issue

How to make a monthly cover look both premium and popular at the same time

I confess, I love O Magazine. It’s empowering, entertaining, and delivered with real integrity. As the print brand extension of Oprah herself, it’s not like other magazines. She’s always on the cover; everything the magazine does is an aspect of her worldview. The whole thing stands or falls on how we feel about her, but […]

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