Month: November 2012

russia allure

Blimey, that’s cool!

My colleague Steve Rogers has just found this on the excellent nascapas covers site. What an amazing piece of work! And and very good site too, much like coverjunkie, it has an extraordinary wealth of stuff, from all over the world. Highly recommended.

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rihanna unapologetic

Rihanna. Showing us that the newsstand is the ideal place to turn on, tune in, and drop out

Here’s Rihanna, in the latest promotional picture for her new album, Unapologetic. I haven’t heard the record yet, but I’m mightily impressed by this image. Magazines are Young! Sexy! Fashionable! And judging by the dangling doobie, dangerous to boot. She’s even kindly shut her eyes, to make sure we’re not distracted from any of the […]

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people magazine channing tatum

It’s Charming, Chiseled and…Green. But will it sell?

Here’s the latest issue of People, sporting their opinion as to the Sexiest Man Alive. This picture is genuinely different to what anyone might have have expected. The image is coy, slightly sideways on. There’s an awul lot of green involved, which is not a conventional ‘sexy’ colour. And there’s very little flesh, which is […]

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john entwistle

‘I, I, I, I made enquiries as to find out why what had happened on Twitter had happened because it seemed to me to be that the, the…’ (cont. p. 94)

So said George Entwistle in his now legendary interview with Today’s John Humphries about the Newsnight scandal. Clearly he had to go. There’s been plenty said about this by all and sundry, so I figured I’d point to the four writers that I think have added the greatest insight to the whole sorry saga so far.

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Steve Jobs

What are the 18 secrets to giving a presentation like Steve Jobs?

Here’s a smart post by Eric Barker, who has distilled Carmine Gallo’s new book on Steve Jobs down to 18 insights. It’s all genuinely actionable, and like Steve, quite inspiring.

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office worker

‘The dark satanic mills of creative mass production’

Today, Ben Kay’s blog linked to this long, but moving account of creativity in the advertising agency workplace. Here’s an extract: “We need six concepts to show the client first thing in the morning, he’s going on holiday. Don’t waste too much time on them though, it’s only meeting-fodder. He’s only paying for one so they […]

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new york magazine

When Instagram really works. And when it doesn’t.

Here is the latest, much admired New York Magazine cover, showing what the city’s power outage looked like after Hurricane Sandy. For the full story, have a look at this excellent post at Time, that explains exactly how New York Magazine conceived and executed this amazing photograph. In order to illustrate the story, Jody Quon, Director of […]

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offensive cover

The Daily Mail couldn’t make it up. So they got someone else to do it.

Today, the Daily Mail ask if this is the most offensive magazine cover of all time. And just to make sure we know what to judge it against, they published several more Globe covers, each detailing the everyday lives of the Windsors. Diana’s love child! Kate and the murder scene! That sort of thing. Given […]

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