Month: December 2013

Emotional headlines that make you cry are the new SEO

And that’s not a good thing, say critics of what’s been called “social content.” They are talking about the way sites such as Upworthy and Buzzfeed are effectively gaming Facebook in order to get their content shared, writes Andy Pemberton from Furthr. Their method is to tweak headlines until they drip emotion (often accompanied with […]

Read More’s 10 design principles are simply a work of genius

The website was voted ‘Design Of The Year’ in 2013, the first time a website has ever won this prestigious award. I wrote about it on coverthink back in April, but now, reports Andy Pemberton from Furthr, the people behind the site have detailed exactly how they get such great results. Start with needs* […]

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The Big Issue crowdsource their Christmas cover. Here’s why it really works…

This is The Big Issue’s Christmas cover, designed by seven year old Dylan Allman, winner of their recent reader competition to create the cover. It’s the first time The Big Issue have ever done this, but I suspect it won’t be the last, as I think this is just great. The principle is not dissimilar […]

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