How to impress with every mark you make



Visual storytelling is the seamless blend of both design and journalism. It’s what everyone wants now – if your presentation doesn’t match the content, your audience will never read it. This workshop fixes that.


Delegates will learn the rules to creating quality reports, compelling pages, and award entries that win. Every aspect of successful layout is covered – you’ll get happier readers and far fewer client revisions.



“That was excellent, lots of things for us to consider in the future, thank you so much!” – Tom Harvey, Managing Director of content agency We Are Spoke


“I was nervous about losing a half-day but this workshop was extremely valuable. I loved it” – Rita, Designer



Quality layout requires teamwork, so delegates should include both Editors and designers. Writers, subs, publishers and marketers will also benefit. The workshop is highly interactive, with individual and breakout room exercises, plenty of group debate, and lots of Q&A. Online, you can invite as many people as you like. In person, this workshop can handle up to 18 people.



We will run a Zoom call beforehand with the key stakeholders in order to establish what success looks like for you. We will establish what markets and titles are most relevant, who we want to praise and who we need to critique. All case studies and exercises will be relevant to your specific situation. 



 Spot the mistakes
Delegates identify and fix key mistakes in a custom layout


 The law on captions
And why every picture needs one


 Type hierarchy
Choose the correct size for all on-page elements


 Breaking it all up
What should be big, what should be small and how you can magic it all in to fit


 Analyse that!
How to draw attention to what’s important


 Essential rules for data viz
You’ll get critical insights into how to manage this vital component


 Sidebar secrets
How to exploit the most powerful on-page engagement tool


 Grid discipline
Two, three, four, five, seven or ten? How to choose, how to use sleeping columns


 Soup to nuts
A complete walk-through of a best-in-class page design




Should you choose, this Electric Layout session can be extended, either to a full day, or by adding a second half-day session.


Each delegate chooses pieces they would like to talk about, everyone can share their screen, and together we work through the issues.


This consultancy/training hybrid is a unique process. You’ll make real strides in the shortest possible space of time, and your team will totally own the outcomes.