How to keep your audience coming back for more



Recurring revenue wins every time.


Great content will get people through the door, but it’s your brand DNA that keeps audiences engaged and makes your story memorable.


This unique workshop dives deep into visual storytelling, structured copy, subscription marketing, and how to create a hidden hook at every turn.


“Such a brilliant session! The team are still talking about it and we continue to use the material to this day” – Loose Women editor-in-Chief Sally Shelford 


“That was really stimulating. It was great to throw ideas around with people I don’t normally work with” – Mike, Managing Editor



The workshop is highly interactive. There are individual and breakout room exercises, plenty of group debate, and lots of Q&A. You can invite as many editors, writers, and designers as you like. 



  Why, why now, why this way?
How to answer the most important questions about your content


  Visual storytelling
Why showing, not telling, is the key to success


  Secrets of the Wet Dog
How to get your audience to come back time after time


  Structured copy
Readers can’t wait to bail out. We share techniques for getting them to stick around


  Real-world loyalty
How to earn it, how to keep it


  Have a really big idea
And what that looks like in the real world


  Hidden Hooks Top Ten
And how you can learn from them


 Tanks behind the hill
How to surprise your reader and out-flank the competition


Inside a subscription marketing success story



Photo above: Andy Cowles and Andy Pemberton training at Jet Studios, 2021



Should you choose, this Hidden Hooks session can be extended, either to a full day, or by adding a second half-day session.


Each delegate chooses pieces they would like to talk about, everyone can share their screen, and together we work through the issues.


This consultancy/training hybrid is a unique process. You’ll make real strides in the shortest possible space of time, and your team will totally own the outcomes.