Massive sales increases for Bauer’s gardening titles


Modern Gardens and Garden News for Bauer Media


Redraw the logos, recast the content, rewrite the positioning, and deliver bulletproof templates for the team to use without further direction.


The Modern Gardens logo was repositioned to make the title feel more upscale. The image was made much larger, ‘how to grow’ content was clearly signposted, and new typography was installed throughout.

Garden News is a popular priced weekly, dependant on free seeds to attract readers. Full facing display is rare, so the top and left edges are critical. This new design took advantage of this, packaging the seeds in different ways every week.


Since the redesign, Modern Gardens sales shot up by an unprecedented 44%

All gardening titles did well in lockdown, but Garden News outperformed the lot. Sales were up for over fourteen consecutive weeks, with a massive increase in market share over Amateur Gardening, their direct competitor.

Before and after
Covers, as seen on Readly