Transform Your Design

Business Case

Design is an integral part of every single piece of content and brand expression, building trust and creating value across all touchpoints. But as the silent ambassador for your brand, design is judged instantly, often on a deep emotional level, which can make the price of getting it wrong very high.

Originally created for Ascential’s WGSN and Cannes Lions, this Masterclass gets the best out of your existing design and shows how to successfully develop it in the future.

Seven key areas

1. The secrets to successful colour pairings.

2. The best font combinations for your brand – how to choose them and how to work with what you’ve got.

3. Insider tips for graphic shapes, boxes, panels and rules; their meaning and their utility.

4. Commissioning and editing powerful images, choosing memorable thumbnails and maintaining quality control.

5. Do’s and don’ts for headlines, captions, subheads, body copy and box outs.

6. Easy to implement styles for infographics and data viz.

7. Techniques for managing legacy logos, sponsor logos, and logo subsets.

Workshop benefits

Designing success

Design is not just about solving the problem, it’s about solving the right problem. This workshop establishes what success looks like for your business.

Fast Fixes

This masterclass allows you to get the best out of your existing position, delivering time and space to plan for good design decisions in the future.


We extract the very best from Air BnB, Facebook and National Geographic brand design guidelines.


Audiences need to be both excited and reassured. We will demonstrate how to create competitive advantage in every step of the design process. 


Design should be frictionless. This workshop reveals how to grease the wheel – both on the screen and inside a designer’s psyche.


How to manage personal preferences and get the best result for you, your team and most importantly, your customer.


How to create design guidelines in a way that stops arguments and makes sure everyone pulls in the same direction.