PowerPoint mastery: how to create a successful pitch deck


Uniquely, this workshop has two trainers, not one. Both Andy Cowles and Andy Pemberton have vast experience in the toughest of content markets, think on their feet and are highly skilled at engaging with delegates from all levels.

Business case

Pitch decks are the most important documents your business will ever need – PowerPoint is the world’s most popular tool for creating them. Nothing must be left to chance, that’s why this course will pay for itself many times over.


This course is suitable for anyone who works with PowerPoint. For those who are creating business critical pitch deck, we run an advanced course.

Course outline

The seven modules are all focused on just one goal – how to frame the story, focus the benefit and win over the room. The day is highly interactive and includes substantial hands-on sessions.

      1. Pitch deck clinic

2. Three ways to win

3. Designing success

4. Fix this slide

5. The 20-minute template

6. The $1,000,000 deck

7. Pitch the room

Course benefits

You’ll learn everything you need to know to create successful pitch decks.

The Goals

How to make sure you score at the right end.

The through line

Why there needs to be one consistent expression of thought, a strong idea at the heart of everything


How to create a series of stepping stones, how one idea per slide delivers uninterrupted clarity of thought.

Hot or cold?

Why controlling tone is key. And more complex than you thought.

Designing success

Seven rules you need to know: headline power, copy length, colour control, image impact, typography, transitions and reveals.

Pitch deck myths

‘It’s a competition of ideas’ and other fantasies. We separate fact from fiction.

The team you need

We explain how to build the ideal team, how to find the time to write and real world tips for rehearsal and public speaking.


How to be funny when you’re not, and why an emotional close is so important.

Previous clients

Guardian Masterclasses, Saatchi & Saatchi, RNLI