Month: November 2013

This is just genius

Richard Turley’s Bloomberg covers are generally reckoned to be the best in the world, but this surely takes some beating. The little spinning wheel of death is a masterstroke, allowing the cover to work in print, but more importantly, animate online, which is where many more people can see it. And this is how they […]

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Newspapers are still taking our attention for granted. Here’s how they can change that…

Following on from my story on The Independent redesign earlier this week, twitter led me to this excellent post on Media Shift, entitled “What Newspapers Can Learn From Brands” Their central thesis is that brands have successfully learned how to craft a voice in order to get digital content right. But that traditional newspapers have […]

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Why The Independent redesign does not go far enough

This is the fifth redesign in as many years, which suggests Last Chance Saloon is not too far away. But here at coverthink we live in The Now, so let’s not worry about that, and just look at the work. The website has been redesigned alongside the paper, and there are interesting plans to introduce […]

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