Outstanding Covers

Business case

A front cover says more about your organisation than any other asset – the impact is instant and the value permanent. Andy Cowles has probably designed more successful covers than any other designer – he has run this Masterclass many times over and lectured on the subject world-wide. Delegates partner on techniques to make their cover sell, ensure that’s it’s valued and ultimately, make it famous.

The videos here are taken from a the Marketforce annual conference. ‘After many years in the industry, it’s rare for me to see talks that are as enlightening and as engaging as yours yesterday. So thank you!’ Andrew Mills, Operations and Buying Manager, Tesco. ‘My boss is already quoting your presentation to our Editors!’ Sarah Potter, Senior Marketing Manager Media-10.

Nine key content areas

1. Commissioning the right image for the right price.

2. Which stock images work and which to avoid like the plague.

3. Creating coverlines for impact, service and value.

4. Managing type­ – making it fit, making it legible.

5. Making it move – designing a cover for social sharing.

6. Getting the logo to become the star of the show.

7. Techniques for adding value, special offers and price cuts.

8. Choosing the right tone of voice.

9. Understanding the impact and meaning of colour.

Workshop benefits

Projecting your brand

The right story at the right time will position your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience. We show how to plan well, but also how to pivot when the landscape changes.

Just one thing

Readers will judge your cover in seconds, so it’s essential that there be one overarching idea behind the execution and that everything aligns to that agenda.

Creating identity

All covers are an outward expression of a reader’s identity. This masterclass shows how to empathise and flatter an audience into accepting your brand values as their own.

Making it simple

Covers are complex, with some markets requiring more layers than others. We show how to add value without it getting in the way, and when less really is more.


There’s a world of difference between a weekly and a monthly, let alone magazines, brochures, books and annual reports. We show what each publishing cycle can learn from the other.

Getting it approved

Covers are public property, everyone always has an opinion. This masterclass shows to use the Nine Cover Matrix™ to get your ideas accepted.