Fast-track design principles for non-designers


Andy Cowles is one of the most accomplished designers of his generation. Winner of multiple international awards, his expertise spans all sectors, audiences and platforms. From the c-suite through to account managers, this experience has given him a rare skill in teaching design to non-designers.

Business case

Harvard Business Review recently noted that ‘most business strategies fail through poor execution’. In other words, bad design. That’s why managing the design process is the key to success – getting it wrong has never been more costly.


Suitable for anyone who has to lead, manage and understand designers and the design process.

Course outline

There is no mystery to design, other than what designers themselves create. The tools have never been more accessible, the best practice never better documented. This highly interactive workshop will give non-designers the confidence to engage with designers as equals. Delegates will be able to workshop their own design issues on the day. Here are the seven key modules.

      1. Winners and Losers

      2. Jargon busting

3. Design myths

4. Need-to-know design solutions

5. Avoiding common mistakes

6. Designers secret sauce

7. Conflict resolution

Course benefits

The workshop is highly interactive. We work with delegates’ existing design issues in a practical, step-by-step way.

Design thinking

Design is not just about solving the problem, it’s about solving the right problem. We will show you how to be relentless in understanding exactly what success looks like for your business.

The impact triangle

We look at what’s important at every part of the design process. When to excite your audience and when to reassure them.

'I don't like pink'

How to manage personal preferences and get the best result for you, your team and most importantly, your customer.

Flawless execution

Unless specified otherwise, design needs to be frictionless. This workshop reveals how to grease the wheel – both on the screen and inside a designers psyche.

Documentation pays

How to write it down in a way that stops arguments and makes sure everyone pulls in the same direction.