How to Design a Great Logo

In a nutshell

A logo is the first thing customers see and the last thing they remember. Never have they been so important, never have the opportunities for getting it wrong been so great. This course will show how to recognise what elements combine to make a great logo, and how to create a selection of different designs that will deliver impact, engagement and long-term business value. Delegates will be guided in workshopping their own logo projects on the day.


Andy Cowles has designed many famous logos and mastheads. From magazines such as Mojo, Q, Empire and Horse & Hound though to political parties and management consultancies, he knows what it takes to design success and how to avoid having to go back and design it all again.

Suitable for

Mangers who need to commission a logo design and designers who want to design better logos and more memorable brand identities.

What you will learn

* What logo design success really looks like.

* How to match a logo to a brand’s positioning.

*Creating a multi-platform system, how all parts of an identity work together.

*Making a logo instantly recognisable and generating an implied superiority.

*The right shapes, colours, fonts, and images to identify your business.

*How to create a ‘monopoly in the mind’.

*The four biggest logo design mistakes.

*The seven-step design process from briefing through to delivery.

*How much a logo should cost to design.

*The best logos to copy and those to avoid.