Design leadership – the fundamentals

In business, Design Excellence is now the ultimate differentiator. No longer decoration, or even problem solving, Design is more like an organisation’s nervous system – connecting and consolidating the business into a functioning whole. This unique course supports existing managers in getting the best out of their teams, and show new leaders how they can transition from ‘doing’ to ‘leading’.

What you will learn

The fundamentals of design success.
The four pillars of design leadership and the skills you need in each area.
Capabilities for creating great customer experiences and successful products.
Guiding a team from vision and prototyping to execution and ongoing process.
Guidelines for facilitating effective design critiques.
How to deliver feedback to support increased performance.
Strategies for navigating tough conversations.
How to prioritize your time based on your team vision and focus.
How to successfully present your work.
Navigating change – digital transformation, rapid growth or downsizing.