Supercharge Your Content

Business case

Originally created for ITV’s Loose Women and Lorraine TV shows, this Masterclass generates dozens of new ideas, along with much stronger ownership of your content themes. In carefully structured sessions, delegates collaborate to establish the purpose behind every piece of content, setting agendas and delivering measurable results.

Loose Women editor-in-Chief Sally Shelford said: “Such a brilliant session! The team are still talking about it and we continue to use the material to this day’. Loose Women’s ratings are currently up 7% year-on-year.

Seven key areas

1. How hidden hooks keep your audience coming back time after time.

2. Storytelling today in 140 characters or less.

3. Show, don’t tell: the psychology behind images and how audiences consume content by ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’.

4. How customers respond to discovery, entertainment, identity and FOMO.

5. The differences between tent-pole content and trend jacking.

6. The importance of the thumbnail and how to send your content viral.

7. Wargaming your competitors.

Course benefits

The three ‘Why’s’

All successful content must answer these three questions: Why are you telling me? Why are you telling me now and Why are you telling me this way?

Tone of voice is critical

Customers enter your content funnel from a hundred different directions; they may not know your brand, but they’ll sure be aware of how you speak to them in an email, tweet or headline.

Knowing what’s most important

Empathising with your audience is a great way of finding what’s really important to them. Connect with feelings instead of thoughts, and you’ve reached the place where decisions are made.

Always tell a story

‘Storytelling’ is not a new thing; humans have always been hard-wired to respond to a bit of drama. But this is where business media can struggle, because storytelling requires risk.

Managing risk

Businesses bias towards being right, audiences bias toward interesting. It’s hard to discover where the sweet spot lies – this workshop reveals a unique two-step method of getting to it fast.

Headlines are everything

The most important piece of your story – it’s the thing everyone will share. Tactically, headline writing boils down to the four Us – unique, ultra-specific, urgent and useful. Strategically, it’s all about having a consistent point of view.