A revolutionary iPad app for clinicians


Oslo-based med-tech Dextera Health


Take Dextera’s proprietary simulation technology and build and brand a complete application to run on the iPad Pro.


Partnering with data-visualisation agency Furthr and web developers Agency, Mai?, we created a sophisticated interface that delivered clarity to mountains of data.

Our UX and UI elegantly took clinicians through multiple data input screens, then, based on that input, presented a dynamic range of complex data visualisations.

Agency, Mai? built server-based database structures, APIs and communications systems to allow the app, the server and Dextera’s proprietary technologies to operate seamlessly together.


Dextera’s stand-alone in-house application is now available through a tablet application, with user logins and server-based data storage for clinicians to evaluate within hospitals. A tangible product now in the hands of Dextera’s global stakeholders, delivered in 16 weeks.