Never Lose Another Pitch


Everyone knows that pitches are mostly won or lost before you go in to pitch. This unique workshop saves you time and money, showing how to position your brand, control the process and gain the competitive edge.


This workshop is based on our longstanding and highly successful Guardian Masterclass. It’s suitable for anyone who needs to win pitches, either as part of their job, or for their own business.

Course outline

A complete playbook that focusses on one goal, helping you win without the risk and expense of pitching. The day is highly interactive and includes substantial hands-on sessions. There are seven key modules.

  1. The world’s best email
  2. Controlling the process
  3. How to manage creative risk
  4. Your unfair advantage
  5. Don’t be better, be different
  6. The line under your logo
  7. Presenting your Big Idea

course benefits

How to convince the world of your expertise and value, before you walk in the door.

Doctors don't pitch

Your client has the problem, you have the answer. They need you.

derail the pitch

A pitch is an unfavourable dynamic between the client and you. We show how to disrupt that – even if you have to break the clients’ process to do it.


Difficult business decisions involve sacrifice. But make them, and you will be different to the competition.

Monopolies of the mind

Get inside you client’s head, and make the choice to hire you a no-brainer.

Inside track

How to negotiate concessions, access and a willingness to treat you differently.

Face time

Why phone calls and meetings are your friend and emails are your enemy. How to work that initial meeting.

reframing cost

Why it’s never really about the money.