Award-winning content strategy and branding for FT ranked management consultants


Vendigital Consulting Group


Design and delivery of a new brand identity and all comms for the FT ranked management consultancy.


The project required that Vendigital is seen as a natural partner of FTSE listed companies and their private equivalents. It was essential that delivery of results and sustainable change is seen to permeate all.

Vendigital’s target audience are C-level; they are busy, hard to reach and need quick results. The project focussed on convincing them of the value and authority of the Vendigital proposition and the exceptional team behind it.

Aside from the design and delivery of a new website and multiple white papers, Cowles Media commissioned, designed and delivered a set of award entries for the 2019 Management Consultancy Awards that resulted in winning the coveted award for Commercial Excellence.


A brand new website was designed and built along with delivery of a full package of templates, email signatures, stationery, social icons, office wall posters, press ads, and other assets.

In 2018 Vendigital were  named by the FT in the UK’s top 25 management consultancies and nominated for two MCA Awards.  In 2019 they won six further FT medals, along with the MCA award for Commercial Excellence.

Marketing Director Alex Norton had this to say: ‘We demanded great branding and content, but also a serious approach to accuracy, integrity and compliance. Cowles Media delivered all this and more – they were a significant factor in Vendigital’s success as an FT top 20 ranked management consultancy.’

The award winning 2019 MCA entry for commercial excellence