New and recurring revenue for an 18-title portfolio




Review all 18 titles in the Archant County Life portfolio and make recommendations for raising editorial quality and improving revenue streams, particularly subscriptions.


The chairman, managing director, and every editor and senior manager were interviewed. Every title was fully read and all websites, social streams and newsletters carefully assessed.

The report addressed Archant’s corporate culture, content strategy, audience development, editorial resource, commercial activity, subscription marketing and workflow, along with the content and design of every title.

Prioritised recommendations were made in 27 separate areas. Particular focus was given to the premium positioning of the portfolio, with the aim of allowing readers to feel part of an exclusive club. Subscription marketing, onboarding, reducing churn and driving yield were all important considerations for raising revenue.


The report was workshopped over a full day with the board, where development timelines were established along with resources needed to deliver measurable results.

The report was well-received – Hampshire Life editor Elizabeth Kirby noted: ‘What a joy it was to read something with such focus on creativity and best practice’. Mike Lowe, the editor of Cotswold Life, said: ‘Your report has finally emerged and has been met with widespread approval’.

The report was substantial, with over 20k words and 250 illustrations
Each title was reviewed in detail, allowing editors to know their title had been read and understood
Covers were assessed for strengths and weaknesses
Quality work was fully appreciated
Areas for improvement were clearly noted
The most important part of the report: actionable insights to restore the portfolio to profitable growth