Month: May 2012

Would you breast feed your 4 year old?

Should magazine covers now be designed for social media instead of the newsstand?

This is not the new issue of Chat, and I’m not saying it should be. But given the success of TIME’s recent breastfeeding cover, it’s worth understanding the power of social media on newsstand sales. It’s been a while since one cover so completely dominated the  conversation. If you missed the controversy, have a look at adweek, the […]

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Dave Grohl

The one reason Rolling Stone Italia’s cover is now better than the American original

This is a recent cover of Rolling Stone Italia, which I found on the excellent Magazine Wall tumblr site courtesy of Magculture. It’s everything you’d expect a cover of Rolling Stone to be: powerful, memorable, a genuine event. It’s hard to make work this good look so effortless. I should know, I was Art Director […]

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