Month: July 2012

What Vanity Fair’s latest issue might look like, if it were weekly

America’s movie industry takes stock after the Aurora shooting, with this deeply moving cover from The Hollywood Reporter. It may be weekly, but this cover delivers a feeling of quality and purpose that would dignify any world class monthly. Editorial Director Janice Min knows more than most about how to connect with an audience, as she was […]

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Kelly Brook on Look magazine

UK’s biggest selling fashion magazine shows how you can still sell shedloads on newsstand

Look magazine had a real hit on its hands with this Kelly Brook cover, the latest winner of IPC’s cover of the month award. So this is a good time to lift the lid and take a look at the thinking behind the cover design, and why it works. Central to its success is the ‘Love Your Body’ […]

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Sue you! Sue me! Sue everybody!

Except the Royal Family don’t sue. There are no real grounds for legal action over this old Woman’s Day Princess Kate cover, other than perhaps on the matter of typographic taste and general layout. But this week, In defiance of a world-wide agreement to respect their privacy, Australia’s best-selling celebrity weekly has published long lens pap […]

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Gail porter on the houses of parliament

What happens when Mad Men go to work on a media brand?

  Sir John Hegarty visited IPC Media last week, and talked to us all about ideas, creativity and storytelling. As you might expect, he was wonderfully entertaining, full of wisdom and insight, and accompanied by a stunning showreel. Included in that was this TV ad for the Guardian, which has just won a gold medal […]

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