Month: September 2012

New USA Today logo

America’s only national newspaper redesigns. What does this mean, and why the hell should we care?

Here is USA Today‘s new logo. Designed by Wolff Olins, it’s modern, clean, and I can completely see how they came to this solution. We’ll come back to the design in a minute, but for now, what does it actually mean? My first reaction was that the uncompromising minimalism says this is a brand that […]

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adbusters spread

Adbusters magazine. Brilliant, absolutely bloody infuriating, required viewing.

I bought the latest issue of Adbusters last week in the Serpentine Gallery for a fiver. Unusually for them, the cover was weak (more on that later), some of the content totally impenetrable (more on THAT later) and then there was this spread. Featuring a quote from former US President George W. Bush opposite Pauline […]

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magazine shop

The Sartorialist. Proving that magazines are still in demand

This brilliant picture is up today on the Sartorialist, the original and best street fashion blog. He tells us that the store in question is in New York City, somewhere on 8th Avenue. I can tell you that there are 104 comments on the post, with most of them discussing the girl’s socks!

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