Month: December 2012

Time person of the year

Nadav Kander. A photographer for our times

Here is Time’s person of the year, double issue cover. No doubt about Obama, but I was excited to see Nadav Kander as the photographer. He’s clearly well liked in the Time photo department, as Nadav also turned up in their recent list of photographic covers of the year. That was for his fine portrait […]

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Here is what magazine covers of the future will look like

This amazing piece of work is up now at coverjunkie, along with several others by Global Entrepreneur. Animated gifs are in no way new, but given how covers now need to cut through in tiny little digital windows, I think we’ll all be doing this PDQ.

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Five hot links of the week. Plus a super-festive kerning fail

Garcia media blow their own trumpet about Huffington and what 3.0 apps will look like. Fair enough! The impossibility of tablet-native journalism. By Felix Salmon Ten good lessons to learn from the Atlantic’s new digital direction.┬áBy Malcolm Netburn of Hearst’s CDS Global Apps. Are you getting the design right, or do you have the right […]

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radio and tv times covers

One picture or six? How to build a winning TV magazine cover

Here are a pair of excellent covers from two of Britain’s biggest and best-read magazines. TV Times and Radio Times are part of the very fabric of British cultural life. Until TV listings were de-regulated back in 1991, these titles were the only way of finding out what was on the telly that week. You […]

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